Get Paid for Your Influence.

If a person makes a purchase based on your recommendation, you should be paid for your influence on their decision-making process.

We offer both sponsored opportunities and monetization tools to help you earn money while sharing your unique experiences and perspectives.

Why Work With Us

One-Stop Shop

We provide sponsored opportunities and monetization tools all in one place. No matter your niche (from beauty and tech to fashion and home decor), you’ll be able to find opportunities and affiliate links that will work for you.

You Do You

Put as much of your personality and unique point of view into your posts as possible. It’s that authenticity that your audience loves! If we approach you with a campaign that isn’t on brand for you, decline it. No hard feelings!

We Get It

We’ve been doing this for a while now, so we understand the value of your time and your audience. We craft our campaigns and tools to be straight-forward and intuitive, to make the most of your valuable time.

Sponsored Campaigns

Participate in campaigns to:

Drive Brand Awareness

Create Original Recipes

Provide Product Reviews

Encourage Sales

Promote Giveaways

Have In-Person Experiences

Work with Great Brands

Monetization Tools

Earn affiliate commission on sales through:

Product & Category Deep Links

Curated Product Lists

Custom Gift Guides

Seasonal & Weekly Circulars

Offers & Deals

Printable Coupons

Link to Thousands of Online Stores

How It Works


Apply & tell us all about yourself and your audience. The more detail you provide, the easier it’ll be for us to match you with campaign opportunities.


Immediately start monetizing your digital content with our affiliate tools. Get links for millions of products at thousands of online stores, all in one place.


Keep an eye on your inbox for sponsored opportunities and on our Facebook group and the Sivan Social portal for giveaways opportunities and more.

If you create high-quality, authentic content and have an active and engaged audience, we’d love to work with you.