Application Process

I applied to join Sivan Social...now what?

You’ll receive an acknowledgement email from our team and be placed into our application review queue. Typically, this process takes up to 72 hours. We appreciate your patience as we review your site and social channels.

When you say “application review,” what does that mean?

We take pride in Sivan Social, and we’re committed to maintaining a high standard of quality and professionalism for its members. As a result, during the application review, we do extensive research and weigh the following factors:

  • High-quality, useful content
  • Frequency of posts
  • Balance of sponsored and un-sponsored content
  • Reader engagement
  • Aesthetics of your site (prevalence of ads)
  • Your social presences,  reach and engagement (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube)
  • Traffic to your site

It’s been a couple of weeks since I applied. What are the next steps?

Upon completion of the application review process, you’ll receive another email that’ll include links to the final step(s) you need to complete to get set up in our program. After you’ve completed the final required step(s), you’ll be considered an active member of our program, and you can start earning money by utilizing the features, tools and opportunities of our program. We’ll send you a “Getting Started” email with important links and information.

I’m considering applying to join Sivan Social, but I’m not sure my site is the right fit. Who should apply to join the network?

If you’re a US based influencer, blogger and/or content creator who regularly posts high-quality and useful content for your audience, and if you’re looking for tools to monetize your content and sponsored campaign opportunities, you should definitely apply to join our network.


When and how do I get paid?

If you’re owed up to $1,000 in a given month, you’ll be paid out via PayPal. If you’re owed over $1,000 in a given month, your payment will be processed by the accounting team at Valpak, and they will be paid via ACH. If you reach that threshold, our team will reach out to gather the required information.

  • Affiliate Earnings: On average, you will get paid 60 days after the action or transaction is reported. This allows time for all transactions to clear through the affiliate networks and for any returns/exchanges to clear.
  • Campaign Earnings: While campaign earnings are paid out on a per campaign basis, generally, if you complete all requirements for a campaign before the 15th of the month, you will be paid by the end of the same month. If you complete a campaign after the 15th of the month, you will be paid by the end of the following month.
  • Printable Earnings: All transactions happening in a given month are locked 30 days after the end of the month. Approved transactions are paid by the end of the month following the month the transaction is locked.

How do I update my PayPal address?

To update the PayPal address we have on file for you, please contact us.

Will Sivan Social send me tax documents (1099)?

No, Sivan Social will not send you a 1099. That is a service that is provided by PayPal. When it’s tax time, you should receive a notification that your 1099 is available in your PayPal account.

Associated Companies

How is Sivan Social related to Savings.com?

Sivan Social is the new name of the Savings DealPro Network (Savings.com’s influencer network). All of the monetization tools and campaign options that were available through the DealPro Network will now be available through Sivan Social.

Savings.com will continue to be our technology partner. Everything we do (affiliate links, campaigns, reporting, etc.) runs through their backend technology, but it appears on SivanSocial.com. Also, many of our sponsored campaign offerings will continue to come through the team at Savings.com.

I’m a member of the Savings DealPro Network. Do I automatically have access to the tools and opportunities available from SivanSocial.com?

Yes! Your Savings.com login credentials will automatically work on SivanSocial.com. Once you sign in there, you will have access to all the monetization tools and campaign opportunities you had access to on Savings.com.

If you already have a Savings.com account, there is no need to create a new Sivan Social account.

How is Sivan Social related to Valpak?

Sivan Social is a part of Savings.com, which is a Valpak Holdings company. Sivan Social will occasionally run sponsored campaigns for Valpak, and their accounting team aids in some of our network payment processes.

How is Sivan Social related to SKUlocal?

SKUlocal is a Valpak Holdings company. Sivan Social will occasionally run influencer campaigns that are part of larger SKUlocal marketing campaigns.

What is Tidal Labs, and how does Sivan Social work with them?

Tidal Labs is an influencer campaign management, tracking and reporting tool. If you work on any sponsored or bonus post campaigns with us, you’ll be required to set up a Tidal account so that we can manage and track your campaign participation.

Monetization Tools


How do I earn money with the Sivan Social monetization tools?

Sivan Social affiliates have the opportunity to earn money in several ways, depending on how you choose to work with us.

Affiliates that promote retail links earn money when a reader clicks through a link (via deep linking, link grabbing, ad units, circulars or curated lists) and completes a sale. Each time a customer clicks through an affiliate’s link from us and makes a purchase from that merchant, we share the commission from that sale with the affiliate. Our standard rev share is 50/50, which means if 10% commission is earned on a sale, you will earn 5% and we will keep 5%.

Affiliates that promote our printable grocery coupons earn money each time a reader prints a coupon from our printable coupon gallery or from individual coupon links or embed codes. You will earn 5¢ per print.

Can I use the Sivan Social monetization tools on multiple sites I own?

Yes, all of our program tools will track prints, clicks, purchases and entries driven, regardless of site domain.

We ask, though, that you let us know all of the sites you own on which you plan to use our monetization tools.

Can I share the Sivan Social monetization tools with another party?

No. You are not allowed to share your Sivan Social monetization tools with third parties. If you know someone who’s interested in becoming a part of our network, you can refer them to the program and earn $5 upon their successful onboarding. Get more details on the Sivan Social referral program here.

Is there an XML data feed or an API that I can use?

Our coupon and technology partner, Savings.com, does have a data feed and an API. If you would like to have access to the data feed or API, please email the Savings.com partnerships team at affiliatepartners@savings.com.

Please note that only partners with significant monthly visitors will be considered.


What is deep linking?

Deep linking is the practice of linking to a specific product page on a merchant’s website. This is often the most effective way to make a sale, instead of sending your readers to the merchant’s home page and having them navigate to find the product you referenced.

What is the deep linking bookmarklet?

The deep linking bookmarklet is a tool we developed to allow you to quickly and easily grab deep links for product or category pages on your favorite stores’ websites without having to come back to SivanSocial.com. Once you install the bookmarklet (instructions here), just click it when you’re on a product page you’d like an affiliate link for, and if the merchant is enabled in the tool, your link will appear immediately.

What is a curated list, and how can I share one?

A curated list is a list of products curated by a member of the Sivan Social team. The products on these lists can be from a single merchant or from multiple merchants. In either case, each product in a list will link to the product page on the merchant’s website using your unique affiliate URL.

You can share a link to a curated list or you can grab HTML embed code and embed the list on a page on your site. You can learn more about curated lists and how to use them here.

What are ad units?

Ad units are a great alternative to random text and image ads. Our ad units can be customized to feature coupons and deals for a specific merchant or category, or you can choose to use a general ad unit, containing coupons and deals for a variety of merchants and categories.. With our ad unit generator, it’s ridiculously easy to make a relevant ad unit whenever you want! Each blog post can have its own ad unit helping to monetize your content!

What is the ad unit generator, and how do I use it?

The ad unit generator is a simple, easy to use tool that affiliates can use to create ad units on demand. Enter ad unit specifications, and you’ll be able to preview, generate and paste your custom code on your website or within a post.

To create an ad unit:

  1. Log in to SivanSocial.com using your account credentials.
  2. Customize the ad unit by either selecting a category or a specific merchant.
  3. Generate the code.
  4. Copy and paste the code where you want the ad unit to appear on your site.

What is “link grabbing,” and how do I use it?

Link grabbing allows affiliates to get links for individual deals to share with their audience. These links contain unique tracking information so that affiliates are paid whenever a user clicks and makes a purchase on the merchant site.

To grab a link for a deal for a particular merchant, search for the merchant in the Merchant Directory and click the “Get Deals” link. In the lightbox that appears, you’ll  see all deals and coupons available for that merchant and be able to grab a link to embed with your blog or social post.

Commission & Reporting

How do I earn money promoting brands and/or products as a Sivan Social affiliate?

Affiliates earn money when a visitor completes a sale through one of their unique affiliate links from Sivan Social (deep links, merchant & deal links, ad units, curated lists, circulars).

How long does it take for conversions to show up in my reports?

We are reliant on the affiliate networks to pass along conversion and commission data for sales made through the affiliate links we provide to members of our network. Due to this, the Affiliate Performance Report does not update conversions and earnings in real time.

Merchant conversion reporting time varies from as little as 24 hours to as long as 60 days. It depends on the merchant, but on average it takes five to seven business days.

The top reasons there may be delays in conversion and commission reporting are:

  • Click is overwritten – Even though a click is made via a Sivan Social link, other toolbars and/or pop-ups may overwrite our cookie, and as such, we (and you) are not associated with the transaction. This may also happen if a click is made but the visitor continues to navigate to other sites that will drop and overwrite our original cookie.
  • Merchant payout on a specific event – Certain merchants don’t pay out when checkout is complete but rather after a specific action has taken place. Common examples are in the travel industry when merchants pay out after a flight is actually taken or a hotel room is actually used. Clicks are registered, but conversions are delayed. Another example might be a furniture company who will register the click at the time of the completed purchase but may not pay out until weeks later once the furniture is actually shipped.

What is my commission rate for driving sales through Sivan Social affiliate links?

Commission rates vary widely, depending on the merchant. They can range from 0% to 30%, but the average rate is around 3%. Your rate per merchant is based on the rev share in your Sivan Social Program Agreement. You can see your commission rate for each merchant by searching for the merchant in the Merchant Directory on SivanSocial.com.

How are the commission rates listed in the Merchant Directory calculated?

Because we are not an affiliate network (like ShareASale, Commission Junction, etc.), Sivan Social relies on the affiliate networks to provide us with each merchant’s commission rate and structure. Unfortunately, affiliate networks do not have an automated way of sending that data to import into our system. We calculate commission rates by taking the previous 30 days of merchant sales and dividing that number by the amount of earned commission reported back to us. This calculation provides us with our “effective commission rate.”

What does it mean when a merchant has a tiered commission rate?

When a merchant has a tiered commission rate, it means that different categories and products have different commission rates assigned to them. In these cases, we will not list out all of the different category/product rates. We will provide you with the average rate across all products/categories from what data we have available.

What does it mean if there is no commission rate listed for a merchant in the Merchant Directory?

There are several reasons why there may not be a commission rate listed for a merchant in the Merchant Directory:

  • The merchant doesn’t allow Sivan Social to syndicate their offers to our influencer network.
  • The merchant only reports the commissions driven through Sivan Social links, not the total sales driven through Sivan Social links. We need both of those numbers in order to calculate our effective commission rate.
  • The merchant was only recently set up in our system, and we don’t have enough data with which to calculate our effective commission rate.
  • The merchant reports data back to the affiliate network on an irregular schedule, which means that Sivan Social doesn’t receive the sales/commission data regularly. Without the data, we’re unable to calculate the effective commission rate.

Will the commission rate shown in the Merchant Directory apply to all sales I drive to that merchant?

The commission rate listed in the Merchant Directory will apply to most sales driven, but there are a couple of exceptions:

  • Most, if not all, merchants will not pay commission on the sale of gift cards.
  • If the merchant has a tiered commission rate, the rate shown will be an average of the different rates they pay on different categories/products. You will not receive exactly the percentage that is shown.


What is the difference between a sponsored post and a bonus post?

A sponsored post campaign involves writing a blog post and doing two social shares of that post. We will provide a number of requirements from the client, which may include going in-store to make a purchase, including original photos within your post, developing a recipe, etc. You will receive a flat fee for participating in the campaign, and you’re more than welcome to include Sivan Social affiliate links. printable coupons and/or a giveaway link within the post, if relevant.

A bonus post campaign involves writing a short blog post and doing a single social share of that post. We will provide very limited requirements from the client, and there won’t be any need to purchase a product or include original photos. You’ll receive a low flat fee for participating in the campaign, and you’re more than welcome to include Sivan Social affiliate links, printable coupons and/or a giveaway link within the post, if relevant.

What do you consider when hiring for a sponsored campaign opportunity?

There are several things we take into consideration when hiring for a sponsored campaign.

  • The client’s budget and goals inform our selection. We consider who they’re trying to reach, what they’re trying to accomplish and the budget that’s available.
  • We look at how an influencer’s audience engages with their content. While reach does factor into the equation, we’d rather hire someone with a smaller audience who drives more engagement than someone with a huge audience and little engagement.
  • We consider each influencer’s history of working with us. Do they have a history of submitting on time? Do they follow campaign instructions and guidelines? Are their posts well written and proofread? These seem like simple things, but they’re very important considerations when we’re hiring for a campaign.

I don’t often get selected for sponsored campaign opportunities. Why might that be? And is there anything I can do to improve my chances of being selected?

We always try our best to vary up who we hire for campaigns. That said, there are more people in the network than we have regular opportunities for.

There are some things you can do to help your chances of being selected:

  • Make sure that your profile on Tidal (our campaign management and tracking platform) is as complete as possible. Location, demographics, interests, etc…all of these things are looked at when we’re hiring for a campaign. Additionally, be sure that your Google Analytics and social accounts are connected to the Tidal platform so that we’re able to see your most up to date and accurate audience numbers.
  • If there’s a particular merchant or category that you know your readers are very interested in, please send us a note to let us know. That way, if a campaign comes up for that merchant or category, you’ll be top of mind with our team.
  • Do everything you can to encourage audience engagement with your content. This includes commenting, liking, sharing, etc. More than anything, this is the metric that we look at when hiring for campaigns.

I promoted one of your giveaways, and I’m seeing a ton of clicks in my reports but no conversions. What’s going on?

While you will see clicks in your Affiliate Earnings Report that correspond to the merchant associated with the giveaway, entries driven will not be seen because the entries are tracked internally and tallied up once the giveaway has concluded. If you’d like to know how many entries you’ve driven before the giveaway concludes, please contact us, and we’ll look it up for you.

The comments on your PayPal payment provide the earnings you were paid for any giveaways that were run during the month. Any entries driven after our budget has capped are not calculated in your payment. Comments on these payments are in the following example format: “#SpringIntoHomeDepot Giveaway”

I completed all requirements for a sponsored post or a bonus post campaign. When will I receive my payment?

Payments for sponsored and bonus post campaigns are included in your monthly PayPal payment. If the campaign closes (meaning that all elements of the campaign are complete, not when you complete your requirements) before the 15th of the month, you will be paid at the end of that same month. If the campaign closes after the 15th of the month, you will be paid at the end of the following month. Once the payments are made, the funds are immediately released to your PayPal account; there is no locking period.

If you have a question about when you will receive payment for a particular campaign, please contact us.

What is Tidal, and why do I need an account in order to participate in Sivan Social sponsored opportunities?

Tidal Labs is a third-party influencer campaign management, tracking and reporting tool that we use to help us run our campaigns. Campaign onboarding, communication and link submission all happen through Tidal. You’re required to create an account before participating in any of our campaigns because Tidal tracks and provides reporting. We need the metrics and insight it provides in order to provide useful post-campaign wrap ups to our clients.